Top 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself for Mother’s Day

Let’s face it. Mother’s Day is a wonderful concept. Hopefully, we get one whole day a year that we get celebrated! But is brunch, or a necklace, or flowers what we really need? I think we moms should all take a day (at least) every so often and celebrate ourselves. A little self-pampering. I mean, who knows what we need more than us right? So we asked around to a few moms what they would do if they pampered themselves and the answers were surprisingly similar… and not so out-of-the-box! Which tells me it is just taking the time, oh that sweet blissful word, time… and do something nice… not for the kids, not for the spice, not for a parent or friend, but yes, you guessed it, for YOURSELF!

1. Get a mani-pedi and splurge on the treatments and extras. While they are massaging you, and you think to yourself “I really need to get a real massage,” actually book one! Or, giving yourself a pedi is surprisingly cathartic and feels like “self love.”

2. Take a book to a coffee shop for at least an hour. Buy yourself a drink and enjoy the delicious feeling of playing hooky from all the things you are “supposed” to be doing! Whether you actually read or not, it is really fun!

3. Hide out after the kids are in bed and watch YOUR show. Even if it’s on your tablet or laptop with a headset. Getting the peace of watching what you want can be super relaxing and fun!

4. Take 5 minutes to actually make sure you are breathing. I’m serious. We all forget to breathe! And once you resume those breaths, think of 5 things you are thankful for!

5. Find a time when no one is home (really play hooky if you have to!), pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a book (or aforementioned tv shows), light some candles, and have a bubble bath. Oh my, why don’t we ever do this?!

6. Go shopping. Oh, and actually buy YOURSELF something! And not the cheap version either. Splurge. All of those trips to the discount store add up to 1 not-so-discounted item just for you. Don’t you deserve it? If money is tight, go to those same discount stores and find a GEM… the key is it has to be for YOU!

7. Play a mindless game on your phone. If it stresses you out, or is too challenging, that’s not the game. Solitaire is my favorite.

8. Girls night out (or in)! You don’t have to always be alone to feel pampered! We need our girls too! Put on some heels and hit the town! Or if it suits you better, have a yoga pants, wine, and take out food night at whoever’s house is quietest. Plan to watch one of those fun reality shows that we all pretend we don’t!

9. Sit outside if the weather is nice and watch the birds, the trees, and the clouds. Let yourself daydream a little. Remember when you used to take the time to imagine the clouds were things? Do a little of that!

10. Make your own list, add them into any day, or plan for a whole one. You know if you don’t take care of you, there isn’t enough energy to take care of all the people in your life that you want to! You’re a mom. And a great one at that! Show yourself a little love this mother’s day! We will if you will!


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