Announcing The NEW Crib & Toddler Mattress Topper

What makes a toddler bed (or any bed really) uber comfortable? Feeling COZY. Want your kids to sleep longer? Better? Oh my gosh, we think this is IT. Another tool in the parent “please let me / them sleep” arsenal. Little Sleepy Head is so proud to introduce our new 2” ventilated, soft Memory Foam Topper for toddler bed mattress or crib padding (with a removable and washable non-slip cover)!

The cover is waterproof and washable, as well as CertiPUR-US® certified.


New Year, New Pillow

How often should a toddler pillow be replaced? Depending on usage, a good rule of thumb is about once per year. 

How Often Should You Replace Pillows?

There’s no mystery that your child’s pillow will need to be replaced eventually. We all have our favorite pillows and if we’re honest, we should have probably tossed them long ago. But this is our kids we are talking about, and we are typically more discerning. So how often should a toddler pillow be replaced? Depending on usage, a good rule of thumb is about once per year

Why Replace a Pillow that is Washable? 

I’ll be honest, I never washed a pillow in my life until I had kids. Somehow, kids manage to get things dirty even when they sleep! Plus, we suddenly start to worry about all the things science tells us to be concerned about what we may or may not have considered before like allergens and dust mites. And of course, kids just seem to be more, well, snotty, drooly, and… well, you get the idea. So washable is important when there is only a pillowcase between body parts and our every night pillow. So why replace it if it seems fine?

Over time, the very thing that keeps those pillows cleaner is the thing that adds to the deterioration of the pillow’s structure. When we want to keep our clothes super nice, we wash on gentle and hope they last longer. A pillow is no different. But if you wash it a lot, it is definitely going to wear out sooner. The filling may clump or get out of alignment making the original shape unrecognizable. And, the tight weave the keeps out those allergens and dust mites may become looser with months of frequent washing. Spinal alignment is important for all of us, and it’s even more critical to our kids’ growing bodies.

So if it’s been a year or so, definitely give your child’s pillow a good once over to decide if it’s time for a replacement.

How to Get the Longest Life from a Toddler Pillow 

Although replacing your pillow yearly is the standard, there is proper care and maintenance to keep in mind that it can lengthen the lifetime of your pillow. Taking care of a toddler pillow isn’t difficult to do when you follow these steps: 

  • BUY GOOD QUALITY – Premium materials and quality manufacturing make sure the pillow will stay “like new” longer.
  • WASH & FLUFF – Choose a toddler pillow that can be machine washed and dried so you can keep it clean and fluffed up. Make sure to dry completely. Gently fluff up the pillow after cleaning and use.
  • USE A PILLOW PROTECTOR – Using a pillow protector alleviates the need to wash the pillow at all, naturally extending its life. This puts a waterproof barrier between any elements touching the pillowcase and the actual pillow.

The Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow is made in the USA of high-quality materials, is washable, and contains NO chemicals whatsoever. It is naturally hypoallergenic! Their pillow protector is waterproof, also hypoallergenic, and allows for no washing of the actual pillow. Its side zipper closure makes sure that nothing will make its way past the barrier. It makes any accidents or spills easy to switch out without disrupting sleep for too long if in the night.

If you have any questions about how to care for your child’s toddler pillow, or about pillow protectors, we would love to hear from you.

Little Sleepy Head Less-Fill Pillows Now Available in Toddler and Youth Sizes

Little Sleepy Head pillows have been designed to be the perfect shape and size for your kids. Whether your child sleeps on his or her back, front, side or even next to the pillow, Little Sleepy Head pillows are the perfect balance of support and snuggle.

That said, we all have our own perfect level of fluff. Some of us like a fuller pillow than others. To make sure your child will always “love the fluff” in his or her Little Sleepy Head pillow, we’ve added less-fill options to both our toddler and youth sizes. They come with the same guarantee, but a bit less fluff.

Many younger than 2, or smaller children tend to prefer pillows with slightly less fill, as do tummy sleepers. This helps to explain why our less-fill pillows are already highly popular, despite the fact that they’re brand new to our store.

Getting a pillow that is just the right size is as important to your little one as it is for you. At the same time, toddler and youth pillows typically need to be more versatile than their adult-size counterparts. After all, not only do children grow very quickly – which means that pillows need to remain appropriate over a range of child sizes – but they also sleep in a huge range of positions.

Kids are constantly moving around as they sleep. They’ll roll onto their backs, tummies and sides. They’ll sleep on top of their pillows, next to them, or snuggled with them. If there is a way to be in contact with a pillow, your child will find it. The Little Sleepy Head pillow is there to make sure kids are comfortable no matter what.

Many children also become very attached to their pillows. Just like a favorite stuffed animal, the soft and snuggly place where they rest their head is a comforting part of their sleep and naptime routine. Fortunately, Little Sleepy Head less-fill pillows are 100% hypoallergenic, just like the fuller versions. They are also machine washable. Just toss the pillow into the gentle cycle in cold water. Once clean, one can dry the pillow on “low “ in the dryer, making sure to dry thoroughly. A little bit of fluffing up is all that is needed before it is once again ready to cradle your child’s head.

All of our pillows – regular fill and less-fill – are locally made right here in the United States. They have a 200 thread count cover fabric made of beautifully soft 100% cotton. The fill is made from premium polyester cluster fiber. We add just enough to provide your little one with proper head and neck support.

Since Little Sleepy Head pillows are perfect for both home and travel, many parents make sure to buy two at a time – one for home and the other for family visits or preschool naptimes. Don’t forget to pick up a perfect size, soft pillowcase, too. Your little sleepy head will love the fun and playful prints and patterns.