Moms! Give Yourself a Day of Love!

Okay ladies, this article is for me as much as it is for you! We moms never have enough time for anything, much less self-pampering! But guess what? We need to treat ourselves sometimes, and what better time than Valentine’s Day (or round about there)! Self-care is something we all NEED!

Call a sitter, drop the kids off with someone you trust, and take that first deep breath of relief! Now, depending on your mood for the day here are some suggestions!

Go back home (as long no one is there!) and go back to bed if that sounds good to you! Or you could take a nice warm bubble bath with music that soothes you or a loooong hot shower…put on a facial mask, take time to shave, and to use that new exfoliation oil that you never have time to try! Or enjoy your favorite beverage while reading a magazine or book you have been trying to find time to enjoy! Anything that just feels “aaahhh.”

If you feel like getting out – schedule a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, a coffee date with a friend (also sans kids!), and/or go shopping and buy yourself at least 1 thing! Something pretty, not something practical! Unless it’s both. 🙂

Go to the movies! No one will care if you enjoy a movie all by yourself! It will feel, well, empowering! And no one will eat all your popcorn or have to go to the bathroom in the middle (unless it’s you of course!).

Another option is to drive to a peaceful place and enjoy the view. It could be the beach, or a lake, or a special spot in nature. Take pictures of things throughout your day that make you happy. If you like to write you could journal or write a letter or the start of your memoir while sipping a latte.

Let these ideas inspire you to make your own list of what would feel good to YOU. Who me? The mom that never takes time to ask herself what she needs? Yes you! If you had a whole day to yourself, make a list of things that sound good to you and then take the time to do some of them!

If it feels funny at first, it’s okay. We are so used to doing what everyone else needs that we forget who we are when we aren’t being needed. Before long you will start to feel refreshed and when you do finally go back and pick up the kiddos, you will vow to do more self-pampering soon. And I recommend that you schedule it, or it will probably get too busy. Ask me how I know. 🙂


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