5 Reasons Why the “Terrible Twos” are Actually Great

The “terrible twos” have been given this name for a reason. They can be a very difficult age. “No” becomes your son or daughter’s favorite word. Tantrums are frequent and enthusiastic. At the same time, this is a time of self-discovery and world-discovery that is imaginative, adorable, and just plain fun.

The following are some of the top reasons the terrible twos can actually be great.

  • They love to help – One of the most common characteristics of two-year-olds is to enjoy doing things on their own. Many of the things they want to do are the same as what you’re doing. If you’re washing the floor, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or making dinner. This makes your two-year-old a very happy helper. Toddlers can “help” by finding matching socks from the clean laundry. They can wipe the plastic storage containers dry. They can help you to pick out the veggies to go with your meal. Doing things with your toddler can be a fun and special time.
  • They have imaginary friends – Two-year-olds see friends in everything. Their lovey – whether it’s a stuffed animal or a blankie – is a best friend they don’t want to go anywhere without. They talk to their toys and imagine their responses. They even have entirely imaginary friends. This social imagination is great practice for building real friendships and is simultaneously an effective self-soothing technique.
  • They’re outstandingly creative – Your favorite part of this characteristic may not be the crayons on the walls or dirt clods in the clean clothing drawers, but there are beautiful sides to this raw creativity, too. Every aspect of the world is fascinating and new. Toddlers can’t wait to understand every part of it, from the smallest ant crawling on the sidewalk to the shapes the clouds make as they float through the sky. This makes them interested, artistic and captivating.
  • They are decisive leaders – At this age, kids display astounding leadership and make firm decisions. The reason is that they build strong opinions at this age and are ready to express them. At times they can seem bossy, but the fact is that they’re learning to cope with knowing what they want in life and seeking to obtain it. This confidence and demanding nature can be nurtured and honed. It’s where future world leaders, CEOs, lawyers, and all-around strong adults get their start.
  • They’re always ready for an adventure – Toddlers are fearless. They have a sense of invincibility. When combined with their creative side, they can feel like they’re flying as they launch themselves onto their pillows after jumping on the bed. Two-year-olds see the world in the same way you view a safari. Everything is new, big, and exciting. At this age, they pick things up, they climb, they run, and they continually aim to discover. As long as you keep them out of any danger, this is a fantastic time for your little one to learn strengths, abilities, and limitations while having fun and achieving goals all on his or her own.



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