How Using Aromatherapy Improve Kids’ Sleep

Some kids fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Others struggle to be able to settle down and become restful. For those that don’t drop off as easily, there are many things you can do to help ease them and lull them to sleep. Lullabies, bedtime stories, and calming routines are all helpful to little ones who need to shake off all the excitement of the day.

Don’t forget that appealing to all the senses can do wonders for making kids sleepy and helping them to rest. Dimming the lights eases their eyes and encourages melatonin production. Speaking in a quiet voice is soothing and avoids exciting little ones. A soft pillowcase, fluffy pillow, and snuggly lovey are all comfortable to touch.

Just as appealing to those senses can help, so can the right aromatherapy through the sense of smell. Using bath time and skin care products with natural bedtime scents is a beautiful way to create a calming and familiar routine.

The natural – not synthetic – fragrance of lavender and chamomile, for example, are well known to be soothing and promote restfulness. In fact, they’ve been used for that purpose for hundreds of years, and their effects have been studied and documented in reputable medical research.

Selecting baby wash and a moisturizing lotion with those natural scents can make bath time and a gentle massage afterward into the perfect activity to enjoy before tucking a little one in at night.

Other areas where you can introduce calming aroma-therapeutic scents into your little one’s bedtime routine include the bedding itself. A gentle linen spray that contains lavender essential oil can help to further the effect of the scent from the bath.

The key is to use this scent properly, particularly when it comes to bedding near your child’s nose. A gentle hand will be best in starting the use of a linen spray as a highly effective bedtime helper.81vUy1MqsIL._SX522_

Start by giving the inside of the bedding a small spritz. This way, it will help your little one to become accustomed to the soft scent. Do this every night at bedtime for a week.  The next week try spritzing one side of the pillowcase and turning that side down toward the bed. That way, it’s closer to your little sleeper’s face, without being right against it.  Try that for a  week or so as well.


Over time, as your son or daughter becomes used to the scent, it will become increasingly calming and you will find yourself spritzing it over the bedding each night. This will turn the bedroom into an environment where all the senses are relaxed and readied for a restful night of sleep.

In fact, it can be so helpful that when your little one needs to travel or sleep away from home, a little spritz of that same scent can help to shake away the jitters and nerves from having to sleep in a strange place.



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