DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

The holiday season is upon us and that means time to decorate. Maybe you’ve finished and the house looks b-e-a-utiful. Or maybe you’re searching the isles of your local home store for the perfect accents before your in-laws roll into town for that annual holiday party your family convinced you to host. Either way, this DIY we’ve put together is the perfect addition to your mantle, coffee table, or that side table you can never figure out how to spruce up.

What you will need: 


1: A bag of pinecones. We used 5, but you can make as many as you would like! 🙂 

2: Mod Podge glue. This can be found at your local craft store

3: A bag of fake snow. This can also be found at your local craft store 

4: Two paper plates 

fullsizeoutput_11d4How to make: 

1: Poor a good amount of glue onto a paper plate 

2: Poor the bag of fake snow onto another paper plate 

3: Take one pinecone and roll the sides of the pinecone into the glue

4: Take the glued pinecone and roll it in the fake snow 

5: Repeat steps 1 – 4 for each pinecone


How easy was that?

We hope you enjoyed this craft as much as we did! 🙂



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