Top 10 Valentine’s Date Ideas – With Your Kids!

While so much attention is on romance and couples for Valentine’s Day, our kids also want our love and attention! No one is more appreciative than kids are when mom and/or dad give them some time just for them! We think any activity where you are focused on your kids will feel special to them, but we put together a list of ideas here for more inspiration!

1. Take them to the park! This may seem hum drum, but instead of talking to other parents, really play with them! Push them on the swing, meet them at the bottom of the slide, chase them around… they will have a wonderful time with you interacting with them. This could even turn into a family bike ride! (And even big kids love to play at the park!)

2. Movie night at home! Make it special – take them with you to buy some popcorn at the store, and pick out their favorite candy. Or lay out a blanket and have pizza on the floor while you watch! Just making the event about them and doing something different makes them feel that it’s special.

3. Take them for ice cream! Who cares if it’s cold or warm? Bundle up and be silly. Let them choose the spot and let them load up on toppings if they want. No cell phones allowed. Just hanging out, talking and sharing making a sugary, cold mess together!

4. Lunch – Kid’s choice! Admit it, we parents usually influence food venues by where we want to go. Let the kids decide today and be into it even if you have to pretend! Same rules go for lunch as for ice cream – no phones allowed. Bonus if it’s a place that gives them toys. 🙂

5. Play games! How many times do our kids say, “Play with me!” and we answer them with “not now,” or “later?” Give them a few hours of your time without distraction and play any game they like, even if it’s not your favorite. 🙂

6. Take them somewhere they have been wanting to go (if they are old enough to tell you!)! Trampoline jumping, ice skating, to the snow, to the beach, miniature golfing, or any other kid’s place that they will enjoy. Try to be involved though, just like in the park example.

7. Make a dream box together! Get a cardboard or shoe box and let them cut out pictures of things they like and glue them to the box. Store kid magazines in the box afterward so they can cut out some more when they feel like being inspired again!

8. Make each other Valentine’s! Crafts never get old to kids. Once they get going you might just end up with several to keep forever.

9. Go on a visual scavenger hunt! Make a list of things to find in nature – bugs, flowers, twigs, birds, mountains, dirt, grass, etc. Check each thing off as you find it and maybe pick up a few twigs or leaves along the way! You could even turn the findings into a craft later!

10. Go to the bookstore or library! Kids love books and the time we spend reading to them or with them is always special. Go hunt down some interesting books, take some home and cozy up to read together.

No matter what you decide to do with your kids, they are going to love being on a date with you! It is a wonderful practice to do anytime, but especially on Valentine’s Day!



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